31 August 2011

One very sick laptop

Quando um computador/portatil se estraga fazemos montes de promessas que vamos guardar tudo de hoje em diante, mas na realidade a coisa é bem diferente.
O meu portatil, esta doente, nao sei se tem arranjo, pelo menos aqui no trabalho esta dificil, de lhe verem o problema porque ele nao liga, por sorte, consegui salvar tudo
Vou ter que comprar um novo, apesar do meu ser fantastico, e tenho a esperanca que sim um dia vai voltar a trabalhar.

When a PC/laptop stops working we make lots of promises that from now on we are going to save everything, but in reality things are different.
My laptop is sick, don't know if they can fix it, at least our technicians can't do it, because he just won't start, but at least they were able to save everything
I have to buy a new one, despite mine being fantastic, but I still hope that one day it will decide to start working again.


  1. Bummer :( the same thing happened to my son's (well, supposedly his "just" burned his motherboard... that means gone, for good, basically!)
    Hope yours gets better soon :) I'm back from the north, my dear!

  2. Welcome back!!!

    Have a new one already, but it takes a while to adjust, also it's Windows 7, but I will get there ;)

    Hope you had a great break xxx