5 July 2015

SU Brick Wall embossing folder

This SU embossing folder have to be in my top list since the launch of the new catalogue.
Absolutely love it.
It’s just so versatile, and just looks amazing
I’ve added some white pigment ink pen so it brings out more of the brick
Really pleased with this one, and I’m sure I’ll be using it so many times
Totally in love with it

@ stampin up

If you have any queries about the products used, please do not hesitate to ask

Hope you have a great week

27 June 2015

You make me Happy!!! ….. Blog Hop

Pootlers Blog Hop-001

And the New Catalogue from Stampin Up is out.
It’s always a very exciting time, to see what new goodies are we going to be able to get
And it couldn’t be a better time for us to have a Blog Hop
I have been a bit slow, in putting my order, too many things at the moment, so it’s not surprising that when I need to make a card … I have to be extremely creative.
I have to admit, it’s great to do these blog hops, because I totally come out of my comfort zone
And this one is for you, the people that follow me here, in Facebook or Instagram, being the latter the one that gets updated more often, because it’s quicker.
I’m so grateful of your comments, your opinions, it’s always great to know what you, in that side think
Thank you so much
And here is my card,


I tried to give you a good selection of products
If you have any queries, about any of the products please feel free to ask
Meantime, have fun, and go and see all the amazing cards that the other Lovely Demonstrators are showcasing
Have fun!!!

Pootlers Blog Hop Forward-001

Pootlers Blog Hop backward_2-001

Here are the products I used

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20 June 2015

It’s a busy time …

As you know, I’m always short of time, it’s not new
The new Stampin Up Catalogue has launched and it has some lovely things, go and check it if you don’t believe me.
I want to say a Big Thank You, for using my shop, some of you are not leaving any contact, I think it does that by default.
If you want your privacy I totally understand, but just like me, when I started buying SU products, I was unaware that I wasn’t leaving any contact, and my demonstrator couldn’t contact me
If you have any questions, where I might be able to help, feel free to send me an email.
If you need any suggestion, I might be always rushing but I always have time to help
SU have a great offer at the moment, you spend £99.00 and you get £130.00 worth of products plus two free stamps, and automatically you become a demonstrator and you can benefit of 20% off your purchases
It’s a great time to join, also if you have a Facebook, you can join our group of demonstrators, there’s always one ready to help with any queries that you have
It’s fun, let me tell you.
You can be just a hobby demo, business, you pick what’s it’s convenient to you. No pressures
Meanwhile, I have been playing, my new Craft Room, is very distractive … that window facing the garden this time of the year…. not sure if it was a good idea.
I’m easily distracted Winking smile but it’s great!!
Anyway I have been playing with my ‘Crazy about You’ bundle and that new Banner Triple Punch.
I really love it
And here is the proof,



Next week, it’s Blog Hop, can’t wait.
It’s always so much fun when we can show you some products that are in the New Catalogue
Stay tuned, and see you next week x

31 May 2015

More cards and some recycling

As per some of my previous posts, you know I like to recycle, whenever I can
Same with sewing, it gives me an extra buzz, when I can turn something into something more Special, at least to me
This happened again this week when I went to the Local Charity Book Shop, and I picked up this

Not sure if Mozart would have approved, mind you…

I’m still learning a lot, testing a lot, and it’s exciting
Because of some of my Friends are far away from me, I’m specially fond of anything that has envelopes, mail and messages
Therefore, I can’t get enough of making cards like this

Anyway, I better go and create a bit more today, I’m having a great weekend in the Craft Room
Hope you are having a relaxed one too

25 May 2015

I have been playing ….

Well as I keep testing and practicing new techniques, new materials and new stock, I have to say I never thought that card making could be so addictive.
During Spring/Summer time is more restricted, there’s always more time spent in the garden, with friends.
Work is very busy at the moment, so any spare time is just so precious, and every day I just feel so blessed, so thankful that I can create something that gives me total pleasure.
I don’t do as much as I would like, I take too much time, creating, thinking and putting them together.
Last week I only had about a dozen left, in stock, and a very Special Person, just took them all
Well that means I have no stock at the moment, so I better put my skates on
People keeping asking me about selling them, they are being sold, but not online yet, they don’t make it to the web, they taken before hand
So really I should do something about it.
I know, but for me, it’s more about the journey, at the moment. I’m sure it will change in the near future, but for now, I’m just enjoying the process
I’m a Very Lucky Lady, that’s all I can say
Here are some cards and a box with some chocolates




The one with the owls, I took the idea from You Tube


The box card it was a Special one, for Mother’s Day, and yes Mum loved it

Anyway have a great week, and as for me, I‘m going to rebuild my stock
Take care xx

12 April 2015

New Craft Room

Well it seems like I haven’t been here for ages, and I haven’t , so much has been happening, and Life just keeps moving in one speed…. fast!!
Unfortunately is now going for the third week, that I haven’t been well, I had a chest infection, and just seems to be lasting forever, so my Easter break was just miserable, and hardly could get out of bed.
All year round I dream of the Easter break, the spring arrives, four days off work, and I just like to be at home, starting to think what we are going to do in the garden, bike rides  and so on.
But it just couldn’t have been quite the opposite.
Anyway hope soon, I start feeling myself again!!
Because of this, we had to postpone my Craft Room renovation, because the energy just wasn’t here
So last Wednesday we started, and all finished by today
Let’s just say, I’ve never felt so tired, still recovering from the infection and have to put everything back in my Craft Room, that is major, and I mean, seriously major
Seriously after months of planning, of what to do with quite a small space, of watching videos and more videos in You Tube, I came to a decision
I needed a light working area, where before I had my back for the window, and I needed a large worktop. These were the two essentials!!
And I managed that!!
I am really pleased with the result, and even now, sitting in one end of my desk, I look right, and I see all the space still left on the desk, and I just think to myself
Sometimes Dreams do come true, and for the last year, I have been ticking so many boxes, that I truly feel like a very Lucky Lady
Anyway let’s show some pictures,









And the result


Love this long desk


25 squares full of goodies


Let’s not forget the sewing


And the books


And above all facing that window

Am I pleased?
That’s an understatement
I just Love it!!
It was hard work, it was, specially not feeling well, but the positive side, is I’m going away this week, to be with the people that mean most in my Life
So really apart from this infection, I can only say that Life is pretty Good
Take care of yourselves, and remember:
Dreams do come true!!


28 February 2015

Happy Day

If you follow me in Instagram or Facebook, you know that I have been very busy lately, making cards. It has been wonderful to try all this different techniques, all these new materials, I'm truly enjoying, just a slight problem, if I didn't have much spare time before, now it's even less, but it's worth it.

Joining Stampin Up has been great, the products are just fantastic, and you can really let yourself go.

And now, and up till the 31st of March, for every £45.00 you spend, you get a free product of your choice, and from today there's an extra four products you can choose, all free.

So really this is a fantastic chance to Join Stampin Up at the moment, there's quite a few freebies going, but if you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me, or if you just want a few things, that's fine too, just visit my shop and that will take you direct to some wonderful things.

But joining SU also, gives you the chance, to join a fantastic group in Facebook, and there's always so much going on,  great ideas and tips, and if you have any queries, there's always somebody that can help you.

And today this is the group's first Blog Hop, we had to use products from the Sale-a-bration Catalogue and from the Spring/ Summer Catalogue, you can check them on the right hand side


So this is what I came up with, couldn't think of anything better then a Happy Day Card, you know I send cards, sometimes, for no specific reason, just because I feel like, just letting people know that I'm thinking of them, because with friends all over the World, and Family not living in the same country, it's always so nice to get something in the post, quite rare at the moment, with the internet

And their reactions, when they get them, is worth every single second I spent making the card.

I want to do more, and once I get up a speed or two .....I'm sure I will be sending more

I love the end result of this one, hope you do to, and I hope I have inspired you

And please visit the Ladies that have joined this Blog Hop, great ideas and there's also a giveaway.
Good Luck !!!

We've got some Blog Candy up for grabs - to be in with a chance of winning a bundle of goodies, including the Best Day Ever stamp set, the Best Year ever paper set and the co-ordinating ribbons and buttons, all you have to do is work your way through the hop before midday on Sunday and leave a comment on every blog.  The winner will be chosen at random and announced in the Pootles Craft Forum and here on Tuesday, 3d March


These are the main products that I used

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

15 February 2015

How Life is … at the moment

Almost a month without writing a post. It’s not acceptable.
At the moment Life is jut going so fast, my days are so full, and my lists get bigger by the day, but I feel so blessed with what Life is throwing at me.
A month ago, if you told me where I would be today, I would have said, never. But reality is: I am.
I’ve achieved great things, by simply, being me. By simply letting Life flow and take me in the direction that I am now.
It’s nice when you receive emails, from people, that have never met me, and like me because of what they read. That is the Best.
And then I feel guilty because I should post more, but this is also a personal journey, where I need to be with ‘me’ if that makes sense, to absorb all the changes that are happening.
For the first time in Life, and nearly fifty, I’m letting myself go, several people probably are pushing me, probably my attitude and the way I see Life is changing too
I can’t tell but whatever it is, I want to enjoy every single minute of it.
So what have I been up to?
I’ve been working very hard, busy at my day job at the moment. And I have been creating, I have been trying, testing new techniques, and I’m so loving it
I’m learning, I’m absorbing so much, from videos, from talking to people, it has been Fantastic.
But most important, I’m having Fun, and that’s what I really want in Life, to have fun in everything I do.
Obviously the comments, I have been receiving about my work, have played a very important part, on how I feel, it lifts you up.
Dealing with different people, and some extremely difficult, that unfortunately are in your Life, not by choice, but it’s just reality, you once again Learn
So many times this last month I had to take deep breaths and think, that surely they are in my Life for a reason, even if it’s just to remind me, how not to be. But that’s Life
Not perfect but … it’s up to us to deal with it, and you can be miserable, like them, or you can move forward. The choice is yours.
I clearly choose to be me. Happy go Lucky kind of girl.
I’ve finally finished the baby quilt, I had visions of the baby going to Uni, and I still had that mini quilt to finish lol
And I’ve been making lots of cards, and yes a list of orders to make to, but this post, today had priority.
I’m in the process of doing my craft room, so that means that soon, everything is going to be upside down, again that’s the direction that Life is taking me, and I need this conversion of spare room into a craft room, to accommodate some of the changes for the near future.
I will finish this post, thanking you for being there, thanking you for the nice emails that you send me, and just remind you that Life is Great, just make sure you are making the most of it.
Till next time, please be Happy, and have Fun
I’m going to leave you with a card, made by me, that a very nice Lady is going to get this week. xx


18 January 2015

My new venture as a demonstrator…

Happy New Year…. wow… how time flies
I hope that 2015 brings you everything that you wish, but let’s just not sit there and write lists, let’s act on our goals and plans for this year.
And that’s exactly what happened here at Simply.
I started last year buying the lovely products from Stampin Up, and because of the quality, the variety, their designs are just great . It really matters when you want to go that step further with your projects.
So I decided to join Stampin Up, in my case as a demonstrator.
The great thing about SU is that there are no huge obligations, you know me and obligations don’t go hand in hand, but with SU you just go at your own pace
Basically I started to buy products for my new hobby at discounted prices, was just too appealing, but quickly that changed and very soon I’m going to selling my cards, who would have thought that I already have requests, if you would have said this to me a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have believed.
So when this started to go in that direction, I thought why not, let’s start the ball rolling
You can have all the help that you need, you have access to information that you may require, and above all, there’s a lovely group of Ladies, that at any time, can help you if you have any queries.
So the product is there, new things coming out all the time, the help is there, the inspiration and motivation is there. What have you got to loose?
Absolutely nothing.
So you want to become a demonstrator, great, you can buy great products at discounted rates, you have the credits, the commissions and all that, or  just like how I started, you want to buy and test, that’s is great too, you can follow the route that it suits you.
Also why don’t you join us in the Sale-a-bration for everything you buy for the value of £45.00 you can choose a free product, from the Sale-a-bration catalogue. If you spend £90.00 you get two, and so on. You can’t buy those products, you can only get them free with your purchases
If you are at home, if you can do with a little bit extra cash, the options are there
As I said I started as a hobby, it has now changed, because I’m going to start selling my cards, I will have some made, and I will take requests for personalised ones, at work, at local shops, people are now appreciating more handmade stuff, so the options are there.
But you might not just want to make cards, probably cards are not your thing. Not a problem at all. If you have kids, fun projects to make with them. How many photos have we got in our mobiles, tablets, laptops and we do nothing with them?
Project Life let’s your imagination flow. You do your own thing, and you don’t even have to worry about matching, because their kits sorted that job for you.
No more leaving those photos abandon in your phone, without recording the memories, the funny remarks that kids usually come out with it. Holidays, time spent with your friends and family why not do something that will be so appreciated in the future.
The choice is yours, if you need any information, do not hesitate to contact me, if you want a workshop, a one to to one, or even if you just want a card, just email me
You have all the information in my page, how to contact me, have a browse and above all let’s kick 2015 and start creating memories..
I’m doing just that….




This is just the beginning!!
2015 is going to be a great year

30 December 2014

Final post of the year!!

Well where do I start?

I have been quiet in the blog front. It’s true, but let me assure you it’s only in the blog.

When I decided to do Card Making, I knew I had to start somewhere, and I thought I would start slowly, well that is not case, the more you want to do, the more materials you need.

And I had to make the decision, to go for it, and get basically, all of it, still haven’t got it all, because I made this decision recently, and with the Christmas holidays most suppliers are closed, so I would say in January I will have sorted most of it.

It has been hundreds of hours watching videos, blogs, and my God, there are so many creative people around the world, and the amazing thing is that you’re constantly learning, and that for me, it’s just the Best!!!

I’m loving it, and the experience has been Fantastic!!

The Patchwork, surely it will continue, but for now is a bit on a stand by.

2014 has been the Best Year for me, in various fronts, but I’m finishing the year in such a good and calming place.

It’s amazing when you sit back, when you relax, when you go quiet…. How many more things you notice, how much more you ‘listen’ … but above all, how important it is to listen to yourself, and let that voice inside you speak, but most important of all, is you listening to that voice.

I feel great, I feel so good about this person I‘ve become, and I’m sure that brings my creativity level right up.

So 2015, has all the ingredients that I need.

I’m sure I’m not expecting all to go smoothly, because Life is just not like that, but I can react to problems in a different way, look after this person, what I want, what I feel like.

Life is good, and I’m going to make sure that 2015 will be a memorable year, just like 2014 has been

Simply the Best!!

Let me take this opportunity to Wish you all the Very Best for 2015, Thank You for being there, and I’m sure that soon the blog is going to me much busier than it is now.

If you follow me in Instagram, or Facebook, I’m a bit livelier there as it is so much easier to post a picture than to write a text, so please do follow me if it interests you

Meanwhile, Be Happy, and look after yourself x