1 January 2016

Happy New Year

First of all let me wish you a very Happy New Year

It's becoming so normal my distance from the blog, and no .... I don't want to stop it, at least not yet, no I don't want to give you more excuses.

Because I do love it, I still want to keep this space, it's great to look back, it's amazing how we change, how our thoughts and ideas change, it's just Lovely to look back at our journey, and imagine what the future holds

Let me take this opportunity to Thank You to all of you that still come and read my blog on my 'absence '

And what a journey it has been.

I could list you a lot of things I wish for 2016, I could but I won't bore you, it bores me too, believe me, all the intentions on the first day of the year.

2014 was a Special Year to me, it was most definitely a very good year, and gave me the chance to look at Life from a different angle

2015 has been a year of thoughts, a lot of personal discoveries.

I have been able to declutter quite a lot.

I started to really 'be' the person I want, without second thoughts, it was a year of liberation, from a lot that was being accumulated 'inside'

A year that the word no, came out with ease, without worries of upsetting whoever.

It was a very good year.A very positive year indeed

For 2016, I have a long term list of Dreams, no deadlines, no hurries no stress

I'll be entering another Special decade in my Life

I look back, and what a fantastic journey, not easy, but Amazing

Today, I'm just so Grateful of everything, everyone that I met in my journey, even the not so nice ones.

I've learned a lesson from all of you. When something bad happens to me, I look from a different angle, I see the positive, I look at what will I change from that moment on, I move forward much more certain of what I want or what I don't want.

And believe me, this is the best place to be in Life, when you can see things from a different angle

2015 was the year that I finally learned to switch off, from the world, from noise, from the negative.I have learned to look after myself, but truly look after myself fully hearted.

I enter 'my' world with such ease.

Selfish? Probably .... but still .... one of the best feelings I have felt.

For 2016 I just want to be Happy, Healthy and surrounded by all the Lovely Peolple that I have in my Life.

Anything else, it's a bonus.

All the Very Best for 2016, and Dream a lot xx


  1. It's so lovely to read that you are at peace with yourself. May 2016 be a very enriching year for you. It would be lovely to catch up xxx

    1. Happy New Year Kate, I'm supposed to go next Saturday, not sure yet, but let's arrange something. Miss you xx

  2. Thanks for such a holiday like post! I also would like to wish you all the best and beautiful this year! Let it be full of warmth and peace for you. Almost half of the month has passed, and I haven't dome anything of what I planned. Shame on me...

    1. Thank You Pam

      Happy New Year to you too. I'm a planning Lady too, which sometimes makes it harder, but try and go gentle, and not push yourself too hard, if you make a lot of plans, sometimes that can work the other way round. You loose your energy looking at the list.
      Follow your heart, and look after yourself x

    2. http://www.essay-writing-place.com/13 January 2016 at 06:57

      I frequently get confused because of all the issues that pour on me and which I create myself. Thank you, Carla, for comforting me. I think I should listen to you and leave everything as it is.

    3. Totally understand you Pam, specially when like me I have so many hobbies,it's so easily done. Don't punish yourself, at all, because that will affect your creativity. It's a learning process, and I have a long way to go too, just so easily distracted, and there's so many lovely places, regarding creativity to look, and when you realise, a few good minutes, and let's not say hours go by, and then we wonder where time goes. Keep positive. Bless you xx]