7 February 2016

Gratitude Journal

When I bought my Traveller’s Notebook, I knew I wanted to start something different, I wanted to write down more things, and start new routines on my Daily Life
So I have been watching a lot of You Tube videos, and got really enthusiastic about a Gratitude Journal.
I do appreciate a lot in Life, I make it a habit to see the positive, even in a really negative situation.
Sometimes Life is hard, let’s admit it. But we have a choice, to concentrate on the negative and feel sorry for what happened, or after our ‘bereavement time’ that’s what I call, because we are only humans, and yes we have to feel sorry for a period of time, but then we have to move and face reality and move forward.
Life is short, and every minute is so precious that sometimes, we forget to see the little details around us, that are so positive.
We need to open our mind,and see it from a different angle, it really helps
Appreciate the small details, the small gestures and turn them into the important things of your day
And this where the idea of the Gratitude Journal came about. After watching this video, I wanted to follow this idea.
I want to record all the Simple Gestures that happen to me on a Daily Basis, I want to concentrate on positives in Life, those will be the moments, that make it to my Gratitude Journal.
Hopefully when I feel down, I’ll look at it, and smile
I recommend that you to try it, it only takes five minutes of your day, but it will make such a difference

Here’s what mine looks like, went to Pinterest, and printed some photos, washi tape and voilá. It’s ready, and yesterdays five good things are already in there

Let’s all bring more positives into our Daily Lifes


  1. Wonderful post! We all definitely need more positives in our lives! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Hello Linda, and thank you so much for your comment. We surely do, we're just surrounded by so much negativity, that we definitely have to sometimes try a bit harder to see the positive. But it's there. Keep smiling xxx