10 August 2015

My first experience with Art Journaling

Well … well … well…
Probably in hindsight not the best week to start, but such is Life, sometimes, things just don’t happened as you imagined or has you planned
I started, and I will show you later, but I wasn’t getting the vibes.
I don’t like to plan creativity, I like to go with the flow
My job, has to be extremely well planned, organized and so on, with my creative Life I let loose, and I loose myself
Seriously one of the best things in the World
Quilting , Card making, cooking you name it, I don’t like to follow plans, and if I do I always somehow put my mark, but every single thing I do, it comes from within, it really comes from the heart
If I don’t like it, and this is a great lesson, I learned with age, some might say, I just walk away, again, a lesson so hard to learn, but once you learn it, believe me it’s worth every single minute you battled to get there.
In my case, this has happened with People and with Things. Why when Life is so short, do we bother? When we know is not leading anyway.
In some people, it’s not their fault, not at all. In in certain stages in Life, you change, and you want other things, and you just can’t be bothered with certain attitudes
It’s good and it’s positive, it means you’re growing
Last night from 4 am, I just couldn’t sleep, first I was worrying about one thing, then with another, and you know what was really bothering me?
My first attempt of Art Journaling…. totally ridiculous I know…. specially for somebody, that at home, I’m just so relaxed, I love my little house, I adore this space, the way it makes me feel, it’s so relaxing, and the energy is just out of this world. This is the Home I created, and this is the space where I just feel 100% me
So last night I was disturbed, about a page I was creating, about a card that I made to a friend, and when I decided to write my message it just wasn’t right, the way it turned out to be
So there’s me at 4 am having these thoughts, that are just not like me. So I knew I had to do something
The card was easy to redo the part I didn’t like and alter it.
The page , well it had to disappear because it just wasn’t working for me. So like Real Life, I realized that I just create beautiful things, therefore that just didn’t work for me
Funny how your thoughts work, I kept comparing with real Life, with situations. The Human Mind is just amazing
So you ask, have you given up? Not at all
I’ll just have to approach it from a different angle, I’ll have to go soft, and probably just went too much the other way
But now I’ll start again, with a clean slate, and make sure, because I’m a novice, I’ll have to go slower
What have I learned from this experience?
Well that I truly put my heart on things I create
That I have a style, try and keep on those boundaries, yes allow small changes, in small doses
Don’t do extremes, being a balanced person, I should know that extreme changes is really not for me
So I have learned a lot as you can see, only with one page of my Moleskine
The beauty of this, is that with everything you do in Life you keep learning, and that, will never stop.
After all, a great experience, in a funny sort of way

This was the page, started like this, and it had pinks and browns in the end
And here is the card, after I made the changes
Have a great week everybody xx


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