6 August 2015

New hobby

……just because I have so much time, and not enough to do as it is…… Winking smile
When work, is to busy, I just don’t seem to be able to concentrate and get creative. Just doesn’t happen
So what I love to do then, is to watch You Tube, and just get lost, with the amazing artists that there are around the world.
It totally relaxes me, I just learn so much, and then I just can’t wait to try.
Obviously, we all have different styles, like different things, we’re all different.
I like to, at least try everything. You name it, knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting and the list goes on and on
In Patchwork, friends used to say, that they could tell which quilts were mine, you tend to have a soft spot for a colour, design, whatever
But I have a problem, well, more than one, if you really want to know … joking
I’m a perfectionist, and I’m sure I’m going to loose it a bit with this new hobby, I have to say, sometimes I needed to walk away I was quilting, because sometimes things just get messy
And in this new hobby, a lot of artists get really messy, that’s part of the fun, I know
But how far can I get that messy? I don’t know.
It’s going to be challenging
I don’t believe, I’ll be extremely adventurous, i.e. blacks… dark colours and so on. That’s just not me
I’m a soft (colours) kind of girl, so I’m sure it will show in my work.
Well I have part of the materials with me already, still a lot to arrive yet, but it’s exciting
Will I still do cards? Of course I will, because this new one, needs time to dry and so on
I love making cards, and that will always carry on, new techniques, to be tested, also there some exciting things happening, watch these space
In the next few days, I’m going to get lost, in my own little world, and start Art Journaling
Can’t wait, and it will be fun to watch my development, I’m going to try to go out of my comfort zone
Seriously I am… let’s just see if I can do it
Wish me luck…
A Gemini is always a Gemini ….. Winking smile
Meanwhile, enjoy Life, and make the most of every minute