31 July 2015

Living each day in Full

That’s what has been happening lately.
As you know, I have a full time job, which in normal circumstances is very busy, related to holidays, you would expect these months to be full on, and they have been, more so this year.
So when I get home, I’m exhausted, to be honest.
I always say, I have two Life’s, one from nine to six, and the ‘Other’
Well, the ‘Other’ this time of the year, really suffers, because work really takes all my energy.
Slowly I’m changing, one night is dedicated to Yoga, which I just love love love
And then the rest I have a few routines, being an organised person, I just love my small habits. Make sense, especially after a busy day.
My ‘Other’ Life is just Wonderful, I Love it so much, is just relaxed and it’s exactly what I dreamed a few years ago, and in the end of the day I just want to make and live it to the full.
Even if it means sitting in my Craft Room, for hours, just procrastinating, with my cups of tea, straight from the garden, listening to the birds outside, that for me is Heaven
So yes, I need to change a few things, less procrastinating has to be the next step, for sure, but it feels good, and I can do it sooooooo well ;-)
I would say I’m quite professional in doing so.
I live for the day, I Live for what it pleases me, and to those closer to me.
I’m a Lucky Lady, and I feel blessed every day, for reaching this way of Life and enjoying it like I do.
I’m grateful that after such a long time of not writing in my blog, I still have invitations, offers, which unfortunately now, I’m not able to take on, people still come to my blog every day and read it.
Thank You!!
It’s my plan to follow other routes in my Craft Journey.
Yes you can tell that I’ve been watching a lot of You Tube, there are so many amazing Artists, in this World, and I get so inspired by them.
I’m willing to try other things, every day, I want to learn something new every time
I’m in the process of buying even more materials,  so I can do what I really like, try new stuff, it’s just so exciting, by the way, Amazon loves me.
I’ll go through with you, when things start taking shape, it’s just exciting at the moment, I’ll carry on with my cards, for sure, but I’ll have other things too
So this is it, I’m here but unfortunately not as present as I would like, in the Blog
Once again thank you for being there, it’s really appreciated
And once again, it’s definitely my goal, to come here more often.

Have Fun and Enjoy every Single minute of Life!!!


  1. Sinto-me feliz por saber que conseguiste a vida que sempre sonhaste e sei que a mereces porque nunca desististe dos teus sonhos. Tenho muito orgulho nos meus filhos. Bjs grandes