17 August 2011

Yet more decisions...

Na primeira aula de curso deste ano, vamos fazer uma almofada, 'log cabin' com dobras  mais uma técnica.
Mas entretanto foi-nos dado as instrucoes para cortar-mos os tecidos antes da aula, até aí tudo bem, o pior é mesmo escolher os tecidos, recomendaram-me para escolher 6.
Depois de muito ponderar, fiquei por estes.
Nao garanto serem os escolhidos, mas por hoje sao.
Decisoes..... decisoes.......

In our first lesson this year, we are going to do a Log Cabin Fold & Finish Cushion, one more technique.
We have our instructions to cut the material before we go, all fine up to that point, the worst is to choose the materials, was recommended to choose 6.
After a lot of thought, I chose these ones.
I won't guarantee they will be the ones, but for today they are.
Decisions..... decisions........


  1. Ai Carlinha, que espectáculo! São fantásticos, vai ficar lindo!
    Beijinhos :)

  2. Dear Carla
    thank you for being a reader of my blog and for leaving me that sweet comment! I am pleased to meet you... another "mediterranean" or at least "latin" (as my portoguese friends always tell me "portugal doesn't touch the mediterranean sea!!!!") girl in this british world :)
    Love your blog with a bit of everything of a daily life. It's really pretty!
    A big big hug


  3. Teresa

    Mas sabes ainda estou indecisiva, tenho que dar o primeiro corte e depois já nao volto atrás ;-)

    Beijocas Linda xxx

  4. Federica,

    Thank You so much for your lovely comment, I love your blog, you are so perfect in everything you do. What an inspiration!!

    My blog, has a bit of everything in true Gemini style, I would love to concentrate more on the patchwork side, but with a stressful job, sometimes, when I get home, the motivation, is completely flat. But I am trying, and at least when I am amidst fabric, I am so happy and in a total different planet.

    Thank You once again, and keep up with your lovely blog, because it is truly beautiful

    And once again, congratulations on your lovely news xx