12 September 2011

Apple Jam

E aqui está, doce de maca.

And here it is, apple jam.


  1. This takes me back to when I was a kid... every autumn Mom and I spent hours in the kitchen making all sorts of preserves. Tomato, apple, marmelada (do you have that there?), marmelo jelly, you name it. Whatever fruit was in season and we could get our hands on :) and then all winter long relish on it! Such good memories, my dear...
    My books came in today, by the way! Haven't had too much time for them yet but I will :)

  2. My grandmother used to make them, I thought of her when I was making them. Apart from burning myself a few times, it was fun to do, and I am quite looking forward to taste it properly ;-)

    Wow, I bet you are excited, mine hasn't arrived yet, but tomorrow will be here. Enjoy them, I am sure you will.

    Have a relaxed evening Darling