16 September 2011

More apples...

E veem mais maças a caminho.... que fazer?

And theres more apples on the way...... what to do?

Crumble? Pie? More Jam?


  1. Apple pie with vanilla icecream... drooooool!!!! And chutney is a good option too :)
    Beijinhos! xxx

  2. Hello,

    I have made up my mind eheheheheh

    But for me custard any day.......

    I'll show the chosen one tomorrow ;-)

    Let's say there's a mixture of Jamie Oliver and me always changing recipes, and adding raspberries and toasted almonds

    Have a great weekend ;-)

    Beijocas xxx

  3. I agree with Teresa, apple pie with vanilla ice-cream, hummmm, delícia!

    Obrigada pelos votos de boa viagem.

    Um lindo final de semana pra você.