11 September 2011

Pencil cases

E aqui está mais uma experiencia, e neste caso mais um presente para um Amiguinho pequenino

And here it is one more experience, and in this case for a little friend


  1. So cute :) I'm sure he'll love it!
    My books haven't arrived yet :( can you believe it?! I ordered them about 2 weeks ago :(

  2. He is such a cute little boy and he's starting his little school this year, I can't wait to see his face!!

    Wow, that is taking long, sometimes the portuguese customs delay the stuff, I have to say here is about three days.... but on the positive side of things, they will be sooooo worth waiting for.... I am sure that you'll enjoy every single page ;-) I have one more on the way lol, can't resist for £4.00 ;-)

    This week they will arrive.

    Have a great week xxxx