11 October 2011


'You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.
                      That's what makes a winner'


  1. Absolutely! And always :)

  2. Teresa, ás vezes é dificil, mas tem que ser!!

    Márcia tu e os teus elogios, poem-me babada. Adoro-te miuda xx

    Sofia we could have chatted for hours today, just a shame I was in the middle of a market, with people shouting, but you know what I am sure my left arm is much longer after that phone call, because I was carrying a lotta bags ;-)
    We definetely need a girlie shortly, we have so much to share. Love you lots xxx And you always make me laugh :)

  3. sometimes a short sentence goes a long way! And it makes all the difference! obrigado pela visita :)

  4. Sometimes just sometimes in life we start doubting of the path we have chosen, that's when I retire and spend more 'me' time. It makes sense, and I just need assurance from 'me' that there's a light in the end of the tunnel.
    Be strong and soon every piece of the puzzle will fit perfectly ;-)
    Gosto do teu blog, e consigo sentir o que escreves x