31 October 2011

Charity Shops

Um dia destes já tenho um Charity Shop só no sotao. Tenho aproveitado ao máximo as Charity Shops aqui da minha zona, deven pensar que eu sou maluca por saias de la e de tweed, pois ja desmanchei uma e há ali muito pano...
Esta ideia vi na net, e gostei muito

One of these days I will have a Charity Shop in my loft. I have been taking full advantage of them lately, they must think I am mad in tweed and wool skirts, I have unpick one and there's lots of fabric ...
This idea I saw on the net, and I like it very much

 Image from net


  1. This is so pretty... I'm telling you, we're going to be 2 mad women hitting the charity shops when I visit you :D and I can't wait to learn to quilt with you!
    Have a wonderful week, my dear (tomorrow I'm off from work yeah!!!)

  2. Shall I just re phrase..... we are going to be.... sorry I am already,long long time ago,and the worst part is that there's no cure ;-)
    But hey!!! I am happy, so in the end that's what really matters. I had another trip, at lunchtime to the 4 shops in my little town, and it's soooooooooooooo addictive, but I behaved today, because I have so much, until I start unless I see something special lol. I will take you for sure, and I can guarantee that you are going to have so much fun, it's like an Aladins Cave. Lucky you a day off tomorrow, I am having the busiest week for me in the year, end of Financial year, so much to do.
    Enjoy your day Darling!! Have fun xxx

  3. Lindo, eu tb tenho imensos retalhos que tenho aproveitado de camisas e saias já usadas. Começa a faltar-me espaço para guardar tantos.

  4. Ana se te compreendo, o que me vale agora é o sotao, mas realmente o probelma numero um é espaço, e o problema numero 2 é a falta de tempo.

    Mas já estou a ter uma coleccao destes panos de invernos e é incrivel o montante de pano que se tira delas e ao preço que as encontro, nao consigo mesmo virar as costas.

    Beijocas e uma optima semana para ti xx

  5. I visit every week a Charity shop near here,I buy often something to give it as a little gift.It's my way to do something good and to feel better.

  6. Welcome to my blog Lilybets

    I started to visit Charity Shops much more regularly, and I kind of loose myself there at the moment

    And yes it also feels good because you are helping a cause

    And you can find exellent things in there

    Have a lovely week xx