27 November 2011

Jelly Roll Quilt

Um método bastante interessante, e que para mim esta a ser a primeira vez
Como vos mostrei os tecidos aqui ontem foi a vez de começar o meu novo quilt

A very interesting method, and first time for me
As I showed you here, yesterday was the start of my new quilt

Comeca-se por unir uma tira branca com uma de cor
Start by joining one white and one coloured strip

Jelly roll quilt 001

Depois cosemos de ambos os lados duas tiras previamente unidas, lado direito com lado direito
Then we sew two strips previously sewn, right sides together

Jelly roll quilt 003

Depois cortamos em triangulos
Then we cut them in triangles

Jelly roll quilt 005

Muitos triangulos mais tarde…
Lots of triangles later…

Jelly roll quilt 006

E quando abrimos o triangulo, temos o quadrado
And when we open the triangles we have a square

Jelly roll quilt 007

E agora, ou daqui a uns dias vai ser a parte mais interessante, que é distribuir e arranjar os quadrados para o top do nosso quilt
And now, or in a few days we start with the most interesting part, arranging the squares to form the top of the quilt

Stay tuned Winking smile


  1. Wow! That looks really pretty!
    Let's see if I got it right, basically you sew 4 strips of fabric, 2 at a time and then cut them in triangles, folded in half (2 strips over the other 2)? Is that it is?
    What a gorgeous effect, I can't wait to see the rest!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  2. Teresa you sew two strips at a time, that is correct, but then you put those two strips on top of each other, right sides together, make sure white is not facing white, and then you sew both sides again. I think they call it tube.

    You wait until I put them together, because there is a technique too. I tell you, the more I do Patchwork the more I love it.

    And the classes are so much fun. Truly enjoyable. Can't wait to show you the first steps in December.

    I am so glad you like it, the fun will start once you start putting all together, it's like doing a puzzle, because there's light and dark, and obviously you don't want same colours together.

    Have a great week Darling xxx