29 January 2012

Sunday Evening

It’s Sunday night, that ’not so nice’ evening of the week, I am in ‘my’ room, where the ideas, the creativity come to light.
Just had my lovely cup of tea, in the background the radio  is playing soft music
Suddenly I have to stop what I am doing and start sketching my idea.
Like Magic, I know exactly what I want, and it’s there in paper
Who said that Sunday nights can’t be good
The evening, the quietness and the inner peace have created a ‘Special’ moment.
Just have to ‘transform’ what is there in paper to a real object
And that might just be the first Original of ‘Simply by Carla’
Simply Fantastic Winking smile


  1. I'm anxious to see it :)
    Just a sneak peek, pleeeease!

  2. Sofia my drawing is terrible, the idea will be coming out of that terrible drawing to hopefully a beautiful 'something' this week. I am moving a bit of my comfort zone, so I am sure I still have to think how to do it. Hopefully all will be done by this time next week.

    I will keep you lovely people updated with the 'idea'

    Tell you what, it's exciting.

    Now I just have to hope to make it real, just like I am imagining ;-)


  3. Next week hopefully ;-) xxx