24 March 2012

About the Shop

Some of you have asked me about my creations, what happened to them, when are they coming out?
Well first of all, one of the projects has been created, some changes need to be done, but over all very happy with it.
Also have been unlucky in the last month, because managed to get ‘Tennis Elbow’ or ‘ Mouse Elbow’ as my lovely doctor calls it. And here goes a HUGE Thank You for the people that really care, and you know who you are.
After a month and now in physio don’t see/feel much improvement. Last night, unfortunately, seem to have gone back to beginning , with a simple quick movement ….. Ouch!!!!! It really hurt
So, back to square one!! Fantastic!!
But in the world, there’s definitely people much worse then me, and apart from a arm, that has been causing a lot of pain, life goes on, and let me tell you Life is pretty good
Going back to the shop and my creations
I, as some of you know so well, enjoy and really appreciate my Life, at the moment, have lots of projects in hand. Friends presents, course work, don’t tell anybody but hasn’t been touched since last lesson, and next one is next week, how do you do Patchwork, with one and a half arm? Yeah I know……. impossible!!
Boyfriend is not very good in that subject, so really I’m alone on that one Winking smile
But as I was saying, Life is too precious, and I don’t, or shall I say I refuse to be pressured in something that I absolutely love.
So the shop at the moment is on standby. For how long? I don’t know
So apologies, for the one’s that were really looking forward, but at the moment I haven’t got the answer.
One day, maybe.
Till then,Be Happy, Be Creative and most important Enjoy Life!!!


  1. I hope you'll get better really soon!

  2. Thank You Sofia, I hope so, back to physio tomorrow, and I think I have to go, for what I really didn't want, but I think the next step is acupuncture, been so reluctant, but I have to face that's the way to go forward, just hate needles

    Have a great Sunday xx

  3. The needles don't hurt, don't worry :) As long as they make you feel better, that's what's important!

  4. Teresa I am sure that they don't hurt, as so many people like them, but when you have a phobia, is slightly different :-(

    Have a great week x

  5. Carla, get well soon! Pain sucks and not being able to do what you love, even more... but it's like you say, life goes on!

    About needles... if you were talking about acunpunture, I became a huge fan of needles, after it made a ciatica pain disapear in no time!

  6. Hello Naná

    I so wish it had worked, but it didn't for me. I was really going for it, she put one in each hand and one in each foot, I was ok, until she started massaging my neck, apparently I turned green and off I went. I'm so dissapointed, but it's a phobia, apparently they take you to sleep, well they did that to me, but I'm afraid the wrong kind of sleep. The funny thing is, I fall asleep in the dentist, with whatever he does, and there's also needles involved, I'm weird ;-)

    I was desperate today with pain, but have to face it, it won't work for me. So now have to make small changes, within my environment, to see if I can get rid of this pain.

    I am sad, but I tried, so that's all I can do.

    Thank You for your lovely comment Naná and have a wonderful week xxx