18 March 2012

And Sunday night is here…

I am a organised person, well sometimes too organised, some would say. But I like the way I am, I’ll rephrase that, I love the way I am.
By Sunday night, the clothes are washed and ironed, the soup is ready for the lunches, and dinners semi prepared for the week.
In the house front all is ready for the week.
That is all sorted.
Mentally, that’s a bit different.
After a very relaxed weekend, doing the things I really like, Monday comes as a bit of a shock for the system.
Hectic Mondays, at work soon make me forget the weekend
But such is life.
Still….. I am a Very Happy person, I do appreciate every day, the life I have, and the people that make my Life very Special
Have a great week and Be Happy xxx

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