6 March 2012


There are those moments in life, when although not all is well, life is pretty good.
The pieces of the puzzle seem to match perfectly.
Those days that all goes well, and you have a big smile.
Those days that apart from the physical pain that you are going through life seems to flow.
Today was a good day.
Today was a very good day.
I love life
I absolutely love my life

Quarto 002


  1. That's great, Carlita :) I'm happy that you're happy! and hope that pain goes away soon...

  2. Thank You my Darling,

    The pain will go eventually I am sure, I can't wait to start my sewing soon, but I am very very relaxed, enjoying what life has for me.

    Have a great day,and I hope there's a lot of knitting going on ;-)


  3. I'm missing something I'm sure. What physical pain are you talking about? :( are you ok?
    Glad you keep having your carla's moments :)

  4. Yes my Darling, I have to admit, that Tennis Elbow, is definitely one of the worst pains I have been through, constant pain, for nearly two weeks, tablets taking a long long time to work, still waiting for physiotherapy.

    But you know me, always look on the bright side, this will eventually go away.

    Hope you are keeping well ;-)

    Miss you xxx