24 March 2012

Perfect Day

The thermometer shows 19.5 degrees.
The sky is blue the sun is out.
What a way to start the day……. a trip to the garden centre…… perfect for a Saturday
If you know me, I absolutely adore Lavender, have lots, but you never can’t get enough, this one is a bit different from the others but couldn’t resist

Jardim Março 2012 013

And because every year something else is introduced, this year has been the turn of the Magnolia, still young, but give it time and she’ll be a beauty!!!

Jardim Março 2012 002

And at the moment in this garden we also want to grow vegetables, we are starting small and here’s a novelty.
Have you ever heard of Pineberries?
Well let me tell you, that I can’t wait to try them, and they are Strawberries + Pineapple …… love both so the mixture must just be wonderful

Jardim Março 2012 019

And also some tomatoes, still in very early days

Jardim Março 2012 020

What a great day, I could stare at the garden for hours, what a lucky girl I am.

Jardim Março 2012 026

Jardim Março 2012 025

Have a great weekend everybody, and enjoy every single minute

PS. Once again a Huge Thank You to the Best Boyfriend in the World xx

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