29 April 2012

Sewing bag

And the Sewing Machine has been busy, and a Sewing Bag, well, another one, was on the cards
Love it

Sewing 1

Can you really tell that is for sewing? Quite obvious really Winking smile

Sewing Bag 2

And love that inside fabric. Do you recognise it?

Inside Sewing Bag 006

Well, the sewing machine has been very busy in here, some for me, some as presents, and some hopefully future projects and ideas
Have a great week xx


  1. As beautiful as mine... hmmm wonder why? ;) always cherished by me and envied whenever I take mine anywhere, Carla :)

  2. Yes I wonder why ;-)

    Thank You Teresa it is lovely when people appreciate

    Thank You xx

  3. Carlinha quando vais começar a vender essas maravilhas?

  4. Ui eu sei Linda estou a precisar de 'um' pontapé ;-)

    Bom ouvir-te, ou neste caso ler-te.

    Beijocas grandes xxx