13 May 2012


In a bit of a quiet moment at present.
A few years ago, I had to cope with a loss of a Special Friend, it was very hard because I dealt daily with his pain.
Suddenly another friend, is going through the same.
Again all those feelings come to me. Life is not fair. I want to enjoy every single moment. And I keep reliving all those emotions that I lived a few years ago.
What do I do in these situations?
I spend so much time thinking, reading and just relaxing
I seem to have no action, just thoughts
I go back to my books, amazing how they are capable to pull me, to give me my strength back.
I suppose we all cope in different ways, this is the way, I suppose, I cope with pain.
To be with myself, and this is confortable.
I will be back, but not yet ready until this roller coast of feelings goes through me
Enjoy life, every single minute of it…….. because it really is so short.