20 May 2012

Slowly …. slowly

What a week……… it’s all I can say……or was it the last two weeks.
Finally I seem to be back in the sewing machine, and this weekend and the weather helping me, it has been very productive
First I have been mixing some Cath Kidston, denim and spots.
It works perfectly.
Unfortunately I can’t show the final result but here is a taster


Then did another toiletry bag with a lovely fabric that I bought recently, and you know those things you start, and they go perfectly till the end.
No needles in your fingers, no blood, just perfect from beginning till end.
I fell in love with this one.



And then with a nice cup of coffee, nothing better than some homemade Coffee, Almond and Honey Cookies


Well as you can see it has been a very good weekend.
And I am going to start, tonight with some experiences with my new foot for the sewing machine, the gathering foot
I think that an extra dose of patience is needed.
But in this head there’s quite a few projects that have already passed to paper, just need to pass to fabric now.
That easy really…………….. Winking smile
Anyway have a lovely week and enjoy every single minute of it


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