17 June 2012


I think that the next one has to be a girlie one!!

Pinks, reds......... hum I think it's time for a girlie quilt!!

It has to be soft, calm .........

Well at the moment working on this one, 24 squares by now.

In my friends words, this is a Labour of Love Quilt

Definitely, I do agree

But I'm enjoying, still don't know, how am I going to arrange the squares, but I am sure I will have plenty of suggestions from my lovely friends on the know.

From the experience that I have now in Patchwork, I come to realize that I'm a bit different from the Quilters I know, I don't have many Wip's (work in progress) projects.

Well I hope I continue like this, I think I would loose interest, if I didn't touch in them for a long time.

Oh well let's go and make another square.

Have a lovely week everybody


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