31 July 2012

‘Me’ Time

During the week, in the evenings after the usual chores are done, I have around three hours of ‘me’ time.
I actually think, that’s what keeps me sane.
Either I sew, I read, I chat to my friends, I watch TV, I stare, I do nothing.
Those three hours are mine.
I re read I don’t know how many times, my books, I stare at what I do, I stare at my fabric, the collection, is just growing, don’t tell anybody another 13 metres of fabric arriving soon
I just love this sweet little things
I’m never ever bored.
So content….. so relaxed…. so peaceful…
Am I normal? Probably not…
But you know what?
I love it!! Every single minute of ‘Me’ Time

Relaxe 040
Before you ask this picture wasn’t taken now, it’s summer, they say Winking smile
What do you do to relax?
Have a lovely evening xx

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