28 July 2012


I am such an organised person, why, can't I seem to be able to organise my photos
Once upon a time we use to have albums, I have I don't know how many, dream is, to scan all of those photos, and have all of them in my computer
But, then..... once we started on computers, and luckily I have been able to save all the photos from previous computers that gave up on me, I just don't seem to have the patience to sort them all out.
How does one get motivated to organise a lotta ...... lotta of photos
Seriously they are just so many
Guernsey 2010 195
I need to find a way……


  1. I managed to get a system... but it's getting difficult... if I happen to leave it disorganized for a while it just gets out of hand...
    I just tend to be lazy and forget to make backups... hope I don't regret it later...

  2. I so need one, I have been lucky up to now, because I work with excellent IT professionals, that seem to be able to somehow, retrieve everything. But every time something happens, I tell myself I have to start saving.... reality is: I don't

    That would just be so painful!!