18 August 2012

All booked!!

If there’s one thing I love, is holidays
If there’s one thing I hate is to book them, normal? Probably not
So for this year, all is booked, and all is sorted
Starting with five days in this beautiful city, always lots to do, always miss lots, because time is just so short.

I’m one of those that haven’t got a lot of holidays a year, shame really, and working on the travel business, I’m missing lots.
But hey, that’s why it’s so important to really enjoy the one’s I have.
So for the whole of two weeks this is going to be the scenery:




Love the food


And lots and lots of this


I love there, and if I tell you it’s going to be my sixth time…..
Truly has everything that I need for the Perfect Holiday
All I need now is lots of books, wait till December and off I go!!
Koh Samui in Thailand is just the Paradise for me, it was on that beach, that I made one of the most important decision of my life
Never looked back!!
It’s very Special.


  1. Boas férias e aproveita bem!

  2. Olá Naná

    Muito Obrigada e podes crer que aproveito ao máximo, nao fazer nenhum

    Faz bem á alma ;-)

    As unicas decicoes que tomo nestas ferias, é no que respeita á comida,á noite, onde se come, o que se come, só isto

    De resto desliga-se o botaozinho do stress