4 August 2012

And the collection keeps growing…

This book was done by 4 bloggers, two in the UK, one in Germany and one in the USA.
From the blogs I visit regularly, I only knew the last,I mentioned, the ‘Quilt Dad’ he’s such a talented guy
Well I’m sure the others are very talented too, I yet have to explore their blogs, one more thing in my’ to do’ list.
Just as well the British Summer…… how shall we say, summer probably this year is not the right word, it still has to show
But as I was saying this book is such a pleasure to read, great photos, great instructions, and thousands of ways to use the book, plus your imagination
I do love when I get a book that is much more than what you expected, and surely this one is amazing, and I well recommend it
Have a few plans already, yet,… more plans, awaiting for my fabrics to arrive, a quilter will understand me, because poor me, hasn’t got enough in her stash



A great book, and lots of reading to do yet

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