13 August 2012

Hexa go-go


I have a passion for paper piecing, hexagons for a long time.
Perhaps it’s because I seem to have more control in the sewing, and never had to unsewn anything I’ve done
It’s relaxing and it’s so enjoyable
And when I saw this book, the alert signal, was on!!
Finally I got it, and didn’t realize that the author was one of those four people that wrote this book.
It’s really really nice, I can see myself doing some and not the lot because of the time issue ,of those projects
I truly recommend it!!
Lately I have to say, I have been so lucky, either in the choice of fabric, and in the choice of books.
And yes, there’s one more on the horizon, but hasn’t come out yet Winking smile
Another great book, another great choice.
Have a great week x

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