8 August 2012

Past Creations II

Sometimes, and as a good Gemini, I like to change, and vary a bit from Patchwork
As a young girl, I use to knit all my jumpers, I knitted lots, have to find some pictures to show you…
I really have lost touch with knitting, will have to get back to it one of these days
But one thing you never forget is crochet.
In my life I have been a very luck girl, both grandmothers, one in sewing, and one in crochet, they were just fantastic
And my Mum, how patient was she? She was the knitter, she was my teacher, she taught me all in knitting and in crochet
So I can say it ran in the family, sometimes I wished I had learned more, but you know what, I think that I did learn lots
That’s why, I consider myself so lucky, having had teachers like that, what more does one person want?
Unfortunately both my grandmothers never saw my Patchwork, they would have been so proud
But my Mum she knows exactly what I am doing, she knows my thoughts about Patchwork, and yes she’s my number 1 fan.
She just loves everything I do, she’s great.
Today I’m going to show you something I did in 2011.
It’s cute, it’s soft and I love it, and it’s very handy for those cold days while working in the computer
It’s my crochet blanket, so much fun to make it

Crochet ii

And the weekend is nearly here
Enjoy the rest of the week


  1. This is one of my projects for the future... with lots of colors, to replace the one I had to throw in the trash because of moths having eaten parts of one that my mom left me... it reminds me of childhood in my grandparents house, that today is mine :)

  2. They are so easy to make Naná, and yes I also remember them when I was a child my mum had a very colourful one too.

    Take the first step, start buying the wool, and that will motivate you, and the good thing about them, like the hexagons, you can make them anywhere