12 September 2012

Nearly there …

… just four to go!!!


And so easily could have stopped doing this one, I’ll tell you why
As I said to you, this fabric, was given to me, and they were catalogues with fabric samples.
Never used anything  like this before .
Well I’m one for trying.
Started cutting the squares all fine, as usual, use the iron for everything …… some squares when I put them together, they weren’t matching, size wise…
Hummmmm…. something just wasn’t right!!
Starch, too much starch on the fabrics, once I put the hot iron, they were shrinking….. fantastic.
At this point one could have easily moved to the boxes of lovely new fabric, that are waiting in this room of mine
Not me, I was determined, I found a solution..
The top of this quilt is nearly done, it’s a messy one, by my standards, nothing matches
But I love it, and couldn’t abandon it!!
Too much passion, in everything I do.
Somebody said to me today, when you talk about patchwork, fabric we can see your passion, is all over your face
It’s so true, I just can’t explain!!
And this one, although not perfect, because of the adjustments I had to do, is going to be a Beauty!!!

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