19 September 2012

What more does a girl want..

I’m sitting here in my small ‘studio’ and I’m just so peaceful, so happy..
I’m surrounded by gorgeous and I mean gorgeous fabric, beautiful projects everywhere I look
I’m watching ‘ Grand Designs’ that I absolutely love, one day …… never stop dreaming !!!
And with the sewing machine now in quiet mode, I just contemplate my surroundings
And I’m thankful.
I’m thankful to the lovely man I share my life with, to my beautiful family and friends.
The way I feel, the way this beautiful home makes me feel
I’m a very lucky girl!!
And I so well know it.

Life is just so Beautiful!!!!!!

And last but not least, Happy Anniversary to my Beautiful Parents on their 48 years of marriage!!! .... All I say is wow!!
Love you xx


  1. It is Naná.

    And I make sure I appreciate every single minute of it x