24 November 2012

Organising fabric

Well this post is a bit of a teaser.
Some Ladies, four Ladies, actually, think that I have some sort of chronic disease about organisation.
Well probably I have, and let’s see if I can persuade them
They are all lovely Ladies, and I don’t mind what they say, I can take it lol
So, this is my last acquisition.
This is just between us
I do have some fabric, and its sort of everywhere, it’s nice from time to time, to check what you have:
Well yesterday I found this very nice plastic four drawers stand.
On Special Offer for £15.00. Bargain !!
I thought well that will do for my fabric, and a bit more.
Wrong!! It only has my fabric, patchwork fabric, without the fat quarters, without the Liberty Collection, and without the Bag Fabric collection, ooopsss, did I mention I found a whole, yes a WHOLE box of fabric in the range of smaller than FQ and bigger than Scraps, yes I did, shame on me I know
So I got a bit carried away buying fabric, but the stash looks lovely
Here she is in the respective drawers and stand




And the front

Already found a nice place for it, now start using it Carla Winking smile
Have a lovely weekend


  1. Well, I would say that these nice ladies would say the same about me :)
    I think you did great organizing the fabrics like that. You have some many, how could you find them if you were not so organized?

  2. Regina,

    I'm a very Lucky Lady, through Patchwork I've met some wonderful people, and every time we see each other, they tease me, because the way I am.

    I love them to bits, and I also tease them. But I am a very organised person, and they always pick on me, in a nice way

    Honestly I can't work in a different way, all my life I have been like this. And this what it works for me.

    And even like this, sometimes I forget what I have and need to go through them.

    That's why I posted this, to tease them

    Have a great week Regina x

  3. You crazy-fabric girl :P

    You have lovely fabrics that will become beautifull pieces of patchwork, bags and all sorts of things :)

  4. Totally Naná ;-)

    You got it right.... I'm sure they will :-))))))) ....... eventually!!


  5. Tão arrumadinho que está tudo.

  6. Ana

    Agora é preciso coragem para usa-los ;-) x