29 December 2012

One more year gone

And what a positive year it was
I’m not going to make plans for 2013, no I use to make plans, but they never worked out.
So instead of spending my time planning, I chose to live.
Live Life in the Full, with the people that I choose
2012 was all about me, and those Special people
I realised life is too short to waste my time
So I made choices, and they worked
I am such an happy person, with a beautiful life, so why waste it?
‘Simply by Carla’ is out there now, I’m so proud
Whenever I’m ready it will be bigger, but I have so many things to do
There’s friends having babies, there’s courses for 2013 (I can’t wait)
And I don’t rush, all those things at the moment have priority
I need my time, like I need oxygen, it’s vital
So I wish you all
All the very Best for 2013!!

Be Creative, Be Innovative, Be Inspirational and above all don’t resort to Imitation

Be Happy above All!!

All the Very Best for the New Year xx


  1. De certa forma, esse é também o meu desejo para 2013, de que seja sobre aquilo que realmente importa e me faz feliz!

    Um excelente 2013 para ti Carla, cheio de projectos :)

  2. Nem mais Naná

    E um bom 2013 para ti tambem Linda x