20 February 2013


Here it is, ‘ The Quilt’
As you can guess still no name, shame on me, but I always take a while to name them
It’s a 100% wool, backed by a nice soft brushed cotton fabric, and bamboo wadding, and cotton/linen binding






Very photogenic this one!!
I just love it, it’s warm, it’s cuddly it’s just a beauty.
And before you ask, this one is not for sale
Me and ‘him’ somehow it’s going to be a male will go places
And I have a feeling that this one is just going to be the kick I need
Totally in love with it xx


  1. It's absolutelly fantastic!

    I love it toooooo!!

    Boy, you're really fast in the quilting process...

  2. Thank You Lovely Naná,

    yes this one was really quick I have too admit it.

    It was giving me such a buzz!!!

    Thank You for your comment xx

  3. This is wonderful!
    Around where I live the charity shops are not a big deal...
    :-( they've got lots of stuff but nothing really interesting.

  4. Hi Maragarida,

    Thanks for the comment

    It really does depend on the area, but Saturday I went to a nice area, and started collecting linens, it's just amazing

    Nearly thirty years in this country and only the last two I decided to look at the charity shops with 'different' eyes. And it's just amazing.

    And the thing that made me laugh last week was that they also have sales, I didn't know this

    And I also found out that there's charity shops just with furniture, visited one last Saturday, and I wish I had a bigger house.

    I love them now.

    Becoming a bit addicted ;-)

  5. Replies
    1. Hello Sofia

      Absolutely it's so warm!!