11 February 2013

Let’s talk about fabric …. again

How can I tell you how I feel when the postman brings me fabric parcels
Well the truth is I can’t.
There’s passion, there’s excitement and there’s projects, ideas and dreams
All mixed up, is just a fantastic feeling

And today the postman brought a delivery
There’s Josh’s quilt, still no plans, but I’m sure something will come up
I knew the fabric we (me and Josh’s mum ) chose the same

I started doing this, and it’s the second one I get right
I immediately know what I like, after all you talking fabric, not an expert, but I have an eye
So I mix up collections, and the one I like is there
And I then I asked them, which one they prefer
And for the second time in a row, the other collection is for a beautiful girl and is not coming out till April
More of that later on
The mum’s choose the one I originally chose

They are Happy and I’m Happy
And that is it. The rest is up to me
My imagination starts rolling ………………


And then because you think about your stash you can’t not buy for yourself.
Surely that is not allowed Winking smile
So one just has to buy a little bit more, just in case


Don’t worry they are not meant to go together
Different collections
And tonight I surely will have nice dreams
Green and pink are definitely my colours, amongst others really, not fussy Winking smile
Have a lovely evening, I’m just going there to see in they still fit in my unit ……..


  1. acho muito giro o jogo de ver que tecidos usar, padroes a utilisar, cores a escolher! fiquei curiosa com os tecidos de fazenda. o que vai sair dali? boa semana

  2. Olá Linda

    Que coincidencia ainda agora estava a dizer no FB que é uma das partes que me dá imenso gozo, escolher os tecidos, e olha que nao é assim tao fácil como parece, principalmente quando estas numa loja com muitos e parece que queres tudo.

    O das fazendas vai ser um throw para a sala, o 'senhor' cá de casa merece um throw menos girlie, e entao acho que vai ficar um espanto, esse vou atacar este fds, ainda hoje comprei a parte de trás e vai ser forte.

    Se sair como eu imagino acho que vai ficar muito giro.

    Watch this space ;-)