7 March 2013

The search continues ….

Wasn’t expecting to find anything today but….. just in case, at lunch time I just went in to three of the shops
And it was a good move


One can’t go wrong


You can never have too many skirts
Who would have thought that I would be such a regular at Charity Shops?
Smile Smile Smile


  1. Another charming quilt on the way? ;)

  2. Morro de inveja de quem vive em zonas do mundo com tantas lojas desse género! :P

  3. Most certainly Sofia, but, because sometimes they are hard to find, as soon as I find some I get them.

    And blue just puts a smile in my face

    :-) xx

  4. Salomé, voces aí tambem tem muitas coisas boas.

    E se eu te disser que já vivo aqui há 27 anos e só aí há um ano é que as frequento, e ainda hoje mencionei,e nao é que tem muitos clientes.... pudera com estes preços.

    Quem tiver paciencia encontra algumas pérolas


  5. Absolutely, can't wait to start cutting ;-) x