9 April 2013

Plans for the weekend

Variety is  essential in my Life!!
I like to be surrounded by beautiful, soft and confortable things.
Having this in mind, last year I was lucky to get one of these


A catalogue with over 150 samples!!
Very Lucky girl I know
And  when you talk Liberty it’s Special
And this one has all the ‘ingredients’ to be just that


So that’s what I will be doing add to that lovely company and I’m going to have a ball on Saturday
So looking forward Smile
Will keep you posted!!


  1. ...watch this space, because the split pack, duly trimmed, was laid out and discussed, pieces moved around until all were happy with the resulting lay-out and the sewing began. We all now wait a month until we can see the final result - a sewn together quilt top!! Can't wait.
    Well done so far, Carla!

  2. Thank You Angela, it will surely give me a few headaches, till I get that tension right, very 'fragile' fabric to work with.
    Couldn't get it right today, something to look forward tomorrow, or maybe not ;-).
    I will keep everybody posted :-)
    So you might not to need to wait one month :-)))
    Speak to you soon x