13 May 2013

Scrappy Log Cabin


One thing that really causes me that ‘itching’ feeling is the amount of scraps that one accumulates
Always thinking of what to do with them.
Amazing how one can buy fabric with such speed, and then finds that scraps really irritates her lol
This is definitely going to be my on-going project …
All I know is that it’s going to have a colour scheme, that’s a beginning….. haven’t thought of anything else yet Winking smile
But I’m sure there’s a lonnnnnngggg way to go yet
Not to worry, I’m sure I will have finished a few others before this one
But as I’ve said before, scrappy quilts always make me feel good, there’s the memories, and there’s a Lady that’s waiting to see the result of this one
I went to one of her classes, and while everybody went dark/ light I went light/very light
There’s always one Smile
But what makes a really good tutor, is to accept everybody’s decisions and surely this one did
I was different but I didn’t feel that she minded
Well that’s the story of my life really.
Always see things from different angles
But I’m Happy, and I supposed that’s what matters in the end of the day Smile
As for my Scrappy Quilt, be patient this one will be done ………………………… eventually!!!


  1. Well, I have got to tell you that I really like the colour scheme! I also prefer light/very light!

    Good inspiration for this scrappy log cabin quilt.

    Love this technique :)

  2. Thank You Naná

    It's a lovely technique to get rid of the scraps ;-)