13 September 2013


I dream a lot, oh yes I do.

But I’m also an accountant, which means that my feet are on the ground too

So I believe I have the best of both worlds. I dream but I’m also a realistic.
More than four years ago, I had two goals, wanted to learn how to sew or go on a photography course

Somehow, Patchwork came across, in a town very close to where I live

Four and a half years later, I understand a bit, I shall say, I don’t know it all, no I don’t because it’s just so vast, but I feel comfortable, with what I do and what I create. So first goal achieved.
But then it didn’t stop there, last Summer I started a dress for my niece, well, got the pattern, cut the fabric, made a mistake or two, re did it, because I don’t believe on the words ‘it will do’ no, not a great believer at all. Or I do it properly or I don’t.

So that dress is still half way. Something was missing.

If I spent time concentrating on it, I’m sure I could get to the end, but I want to learn properly.

That’s why, next week I’m starting at University of Herts doing the first course of two, Pattern Cutting for Beginners, followed in January by the Intermediate one.

So my niece, hopefully by next summer can have a few dresses ;-)

I am a very Lucky Lady, sure am, to have around me all these courses that I’m sure I’ll have great fun in attending.

The photography course is still on standby, done a small one in London last year, but that area still have lots to learn, mind you, a friend thought that some of my quilt photos were taken by professionals, which they weren’t, so that made me smile.

I still have a big Dream, oh yes I do, and this course will be another step to achieve it.

I seriously just need a big kick to launch myself, and don’t think that nothing has been done about  it.That bit that’s missing  in me,  I’m working on that too, with the help of some lovely people.

So I can’t wait, to learn something new. To do it properly. To feel confident with dress making.

Every day I feel blessed, I feel lucky that I’m going towards my Dream.

And that is what Life is about.

Crawling, walking and running towards your dreams.

I Love Life!!!!!!


  1. Well done! I´m so happy for you. I wish I would be there to go with you. Have fun and enjoy your course, and show us what you´d learn.



    1. I wish you were Ligia, just got an email saying that they are short of people. But I'm hopeful... it will still go on

      We just have to wait and see next Monday

      Have a great weekend xx

  2. When I started venturing in the crafts world, my goal was that exactly: to sew clothes, for my kid and myself.
    I felt the same need: to learn it properly. I have had some help from great people along the way, but still miss that professional schooling that takes me to the next level.

    But I'm getting there!

    Along that road I learned that I still could crochet and that I really enjoy it. Also got to finally learn how to knit wich was a childhood dream... small steps, but steps forward!

    As for photography, a course is also in my future plans :)

  3. Well Naná I feel a long reply coming on ;-)

    We are so alike.

    I was very lucky in Life, as a kid, one of my grandmothers and my mother were great in crochet, so I learned.

    Then as a teenager I learned to knit with my mum, at one time I had about 10 jumpers knitted by me, not just easy knitting, no no. Today sadly that bit is a bit sleepy ;-)

    My other grandmother was a seamstress, and she was just brilliant, she did all my dresses as a kid, but her sewing machine was precious so understand, so she really didn't have time to teach me. I spent hours and hours just looking at her, while she sew I knitted.

    Unfortunately she was gone by the time I started sewing, that is something I'm always so sad about it, because when I'm doing something or in the machine, she is always in my thoughts, but that is Life.

    Life is a funny thing, my boyfriend's Mum, is a fantastic seamstress too, she's just brilliant, but she's far away, but I still hope that next year when she visits me, she can teach me a thing or two.

    And then I have a Dream or two ;-)

    And sewing is part of it, so last week when I learned about this course in the University ten minutes from my house, I was just in the clouds. But on Friday, received an email, saying that there wasn't enough people for the course, and they might have had to cancel. But they would confirm it on Monday (yesterday). I felt sad, but Positive.

    Yesterday, I was anxious all day, finally in the afternoon the email arrived with the YES the course is starting tomorrow

    So happy about it.

    This is how Life goes, I already set up a Plan B, in case this course wasn't going to happen, but there's no need to use it.

    The problem, is that there are a few courses, but they are all during the day, which is inconvenient.

    I always believe in creating good foundations, after three years in the Patchwork, I knew I was able to do it alone, because I need my space, my imagination, runs a little wild, and I need space, I start feeling claustrophobic, in classes, and I'm sure I start driving tutors mad, too.So now it was time to move forward and go to something different. Patchwork will always be my baby, and every time I make a quilt I feel that I improve.

    In Life the goals and dreams keep changing, I have been Lucky and always followed and reached the majority of my Dreams, once I get there I start thinking, what's next. I do love to learn, and I feel so blessed for the Life and the chances I had to reach those goals.

    My advise to you Naná, is go for it, dream, but dream big, sometimes Life changes the direction, but keep that dream alive.
    It will be alright in the end.

    Stay focused and most importantly stay Positive and believe in them. Something else very important in here, is to surround yourself with good and Positive people, it plays a major role in those dreams, start decluttering negative people in your Life. Get rid of them, they will only drag you down.

    I have some amazing friends, I think sometimes they are going well ahead from me in reaching my dreams, those are the true Friends

    They are so important

    Your crochet work is lovely keep going

    You are a lovely Lady, that one of these days I hope to meet

    I did say that this was going to be a long post.


    Have a great day Darling, and think about number One. Always xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Loved to read it :)

      After reading this, I can honestly say: we are very much alike!!

      I'm sure there will be an opportunity for us to meet ;)

    2. We will definitely will meet one of these days

      Have a great day xxx