8 October 2013



I did try … I promise.
Put all the dates that I already had for 2014 on the phone, but …..
It just wasn’t the same
So back to the paper one, and couldn’t get any prettier than a Cath Kidston one.
Really pleased with it
A5 is still the perfect size for me
Smile x


  1. I'm also an A5 fan, that's the perfect size for the notebooks that I use on my office.
    And I love Cath Kidston stationary. Great choice!

    1. Mine has to be with me at all times, too many notes that I need on the go :-)

      Have a great day Sofia x

  2. Although I am a technology lover, I also can't go without a paper diary. I always carry it with me every day :)
    An d besides I started to control everything on my diary: from appointments, crafts projects, personal life projects and blog issues. I'm a list freak :)

    1. Somebody that totally understands me. I'm so like that. You should see the post it's inside. When I'm @ work, it's lists to when I get home, when I'm @ home lists for the following days. Just can't beat the paper diary :-))))))) xx

  3. What a beautiful diary! :)

  4. It's lovely! I agree, apart from all the technology, we always need a paper diary.



    1. Well great minds think alike :-))))) xx

  5. Hi Carla!

    A phone can surely not compare to a lovely Cath Kidston diary!

    I see that you live in the lovely town of St Albans. During my recent visit to the UK I spent two wonderful days there. What a charming place, such delightful shops (!) and the abbey is just amazing.

    I wish to thank you for your always so lovely comments in my blog. Please do know they are highly appreciated, even though I am not as good at returning them. Room for improvement, for sure ;-)

    1. Hello Lovely Mia, I can't even express my surprise, or shall I say my shock for this comment.

      You are one of my favorite bloggers, you inspire me so so much. Everything you do, your lovely blog .... well you are truly and I mean this, you are an inspiration,

      I so wish I had met you, we could have met for a lovely cup of coffee or I would show you this fantastic city. What a shame!!

      Hard to believe that my favorite blogger was so close and I missed the chance to give you a big hug and tell you in person, how you inspire me.

      Next time, please let me know, and it will be such a pleasure, to meet you

      Your blog is such a breath of fresh air, your house is just so dreamy and beautiful, the scenery to die for. Well I just love you and all you do.

      And my mum, thinks exactly the same, let me tell you. She lives in Portugal, and she was so sad when you stopped for a while a few months ago.

      Thank You so so much for your comment, and please remember me, in your next visit

      A big kiss from somebody that truly appreciates what you do

      Thank You xxx