21 October 2013

New adventures

I’m one for trying new stuff, I like to experiment new materials
This is my new craze, could be worse. I suppose …..
I’m still waiting for materials to arrive, meanwhile I test the ones that I have already received
What I love about crafts, it’s the variety, I suppose watching the Craft Channel doesn’t really help, but …
Meanwhile I keep practicing


The tags are fun to make, they are from recycled cardboard
Just something else to do, while I’m on my little world
And let me tell you, it’s a lovely place to be Smile
Have a great week everybody xx


  1. It's very good try and learn different things. I'm sure your world is magic and make you very, very happy. So keep going, because we know you are there, to show us the magic, and we are here to appreciate it.


    1. Thank You Lovely Lady

      I really do live in my own world, when I'm in that room

      I surround myself with exactly what makes me happy, and ignore everything that might disturb that peace.

      I have inspired people in the past, to start doing things, let's see if I can inspire you

      I hope so :-))))

      Have a good day Lovely Lady xxx

  2. Closing my eyes, closing my eyes... cannot see this, cannot see this!
    It is "vely vely vely" tempting!

    1. Naná it's gleat and little Falipe would love it too

      And I know you are a girl that doesn't like to do just one thing ;-)

      It is fun ;-) xx