7 January 2014

Still …. about last Christmas

Prior t Christmas I was busy, with most of my presents being homemade.
Started earlier in the year, but the smaller ones were left to the end
The kids, had all special mats, and one of the sides was done with chalk fabric.
I have to admit brilliant to work with


There was (only) eight of them Winking smile
Then some of the ladies had these


Handy for tea lovers to have on their handbags

And then for a Very Special Person and her knitting, a bag she kept asking me to do her one
Her wish came true this year Winking smile


The rest you had the chance to see while I was doing them
It was a good year in terms of sewing
Let’s see what 2014 brings
Some dressmaking I guess Winking smile


  1. Chalk fabric?? Wow that is so great! I did not know that chalk fabric existed ;)

  2. Yes Naná it does exist, and I found it a dream to work with. You just can't fold it

    Also it's great to use in the kitchen for those herb/tea jars

    Have some odds and bits might try those ;-) xx

  3. Very nice presents. I didn't know that chalk fabric existed and it's nice to know. Have a great year of sewing, I can´t wait to see that dressmaking. :)

  4. Thank You Ligia. It's so versatile, and there's so much you can do with it

    Can't wait to start sewing too, but I have visitors for another week

    Soon very soon xx