24 February 2014

My first Sewing Project

Finally I have finished
I have to admit, it’s not to my taste , but it will be
It has been a great learning curve, I suppose it’s all about practice, which I need a lot
This piece will be transformed, needs some experienced and talented hands
Not mine just yet.
Put it down to practice
But here it is, next time you see it, it surely will look different


Have a great week x


  1. Pratice makes perfect!

    You'll get there ;)

    However, it is very much to my taste :)

    1. I'm fussy Naná, I admit it, it's nice, but I need a few changes. for the beach is way too long for me, but it will all be changed, and it will be alright in the end

      Just need to get the confidence in sewing as I have with Patchwork

      And yes is all about practice, and my perfectionism, sometimes gets on the way

      Thank you for your comment xxx