8 May 2014


Well, what can I say, apologise probably it would be a good start
So long without news, so many things happening, yet so little time to come and say hello in the blog
Well, I have to say with Facebook and Instagram, they don’t help, do they? But they are fantastic….
The holiday seems a distant memory, Easter has come and gone, and the year just seems to be flying.
Since October 2013, I decided to loose a few kilos. Probably one of my best decisions, actually this last year I have to say that in the whole, it has been, I would say the best year of my Life.
Lots of good things have happened, some not so good, but then this is Life
So keeping the weight off, has proved to be ok, thought it would be much harder, started to eat much healthier, cutting a lot of the sugars, note no gyms, all I do is walking and bike rides, but it is impressive, how much better one feels, started on holiday, with those long walks in the beach, not getting tired, that gave me such a boost, can’t even describe.
I still have days, that are disasters ie some weekends, but it’s ok, have to compensate during the week. Never thought that I could get like this, eating so many seeds, vegetables, and controlling myself in the sweet department.
Yes the shop you may ask? Waiting for a good day to take photographs, have a few bits to start but just need to focus on the photography now
That will be happening very soon. Need to put my skates on.
Been getting a lot of good comments, about my work, which is nice, and probably not wanting to be so perfect with my sewing would be a great idea.
Craftwise, have been doing stuff for the shop, testing new materials, and just getting ideas.
Just feel that I want to make the most of ‘this’ moment, because with so much happening, and so many good things, I just need to relax and absorb this peace that I feel at the moment.
I will be keeping you posted, much more often than I have, I miss writing here.
This weekend I’ll be making a bag, for a Special young Lady, I love doing things for the people I really like.
Have asked her for one pocket of an old pair of trousers, to make it personal, and just going to do with scraps (my favourite), gives me such a buzz, and have lots. And let’s hope after being told about the measurements, that I can come up with something pretty good.


I will show you hopefully by Sunday.
Just be a bit patient with me, I’m here, just a bit too busy at the moment, but soon all will be back to normal, well if I knew what normal was Winking smile
Have a lovely evening


  1. Congratulations! It's good to know your good news. I can't wait to see that pictures. I'm sure that bag will be fantastic. Have a great week. :)

    1. Thank You Lovely Lady. You too have a great weekend xx

  2. So happy to hear from you and finding that you are Ok and happy :)

    1. Thank you Lovely Nanà. Hope you are well, and baby n.2 too. Have a great weekend xxx