2 August 2014

Long time …..

I could give you a list of excuses why I haven’t been around, I could… but I’m not going to.
Because every single one of you, know how the days just fly, there should be more hours
But there isn’t. And before you notice a month has gone by.
Life has been good, with lots going on, but above all, dedicating time to those people that really matter in your Life, gives you that sense of achievement and happiness in the end of the day.
If you told me a year ago, how I would be feeling today, I probably wouldn’t believe
Every day we learn something, every day you meet wonderful people.
I’m so lucky!!!
Don’t think Life has been easy, far from it, but I do believe if you believe in yourself and in your dreams, sooner or later, Life gives it all back
I’m at that stage, very calm, very content, and my God, I’m going to make the most of every single minute.
So what I can tell you, it doesn’t matter how much Life throws at you, be strong and always keep your dream in your mind, and even if you give a very small step every day, don’t give up, one day you’ll get there.
Never give up!!!
Saying that, going back to my hobby or hobbies, just seem to want to do everything now.
Dressmaking course is just great, feel so good, and learning with who knows what they are talking about, it’s wonderful
Been seeing a lot of t shirt projects on the net, via blogs, pinterest and so on, so I decided to try
Started…. not even knowing what I was going to make…… just so me….. think as you go along, seems to work wonderful with me.
I just bought one, that was the only one in the shop, but somehow one was all I needed
One day this might not work, but until then, let’s take chances lol




My opinion about this yarn, well, not the easiest to work with, heavy, I did it in three evenings, but it hurt my hand and my arm.
I have had problems with my arm, so it didn’t help
Don’t say I will never work with it again, no. Never say never, but ……
I love how it turned out, and I know of a sweet little girl that is going to be so happy to have this in her new bedroom
Have a great weekend everybody xx

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