10 August 2014


Yesterday, and for once I did what I was told. It’s not very often, that I do , let me tell you.
With my dressmaking, I was have the problem, that the fabrics I have, are very good, like Liberty.
And because I’m a novice, I think hundreds of time before starting something, and then I was change my mind.
So yesterday and after a trip to my Loft, I picked up some material, that if the project was going to go wrong it wouldn’t hurt
So I did, I wanted to these shorts.
I couldn’t be happier, I can now do some nice ones with Liberty Fabric, feel confident to do so.
Unfortunately the weather couldn’t be any wetter, due to Bertha hitting us today, but once the weather improves I will take proper pictures.
By that time I might have another pair. Winking smile
These are ideal for holidays, to wear around the house, and they are so confortable.
They are not made from a beautiful material, but you know what I really like them, and the contrast with the beige, did it for me.
And I got a chance to try my new sewing machine feet, and it makes such a difference to have all the right tools.
Very Happy girl here today Smile





Apologies for the lighting but today is not the best day to take pictures, but it’s a great day to get back to sewing Winking smile
Have a great Sunday x

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