12 April 2015

New Craft Room

Well it seems like I haven’t been here for ages, and I haven’t , so much has been happening, and Life just keeps moving in one speed…. fast!!
Unfortunately is now going for the third week, that I haven’t been well, I had a chest infection, and just seems to be lasting forever, so my Easter break was just miserable, and hardly could get out of bed.
All year round I dream of the Easter break, the spring arrives, four days off work, and I just like to be at home, starting to think what we are going to do in the garden, bike rides  and so on.
But it just couldn’t have been quite the opposite.
Anyway hope soon, I start feeling myself again!!
Because of this, we had to postpone my Craft Room renovation, because the energy just wasn’t here
So last Wednesday we started, and all finished by today
Let’s just say, I’ve never felt so tired, still recovering from the infection and have to put everything back in my Craft Room, that is major, and I mean, seriously major
Seriously after months of planning, of what to do with quite a small space, of watching videos and more videos in You Tube, I came to a decision
I needed a light working area, where before I had my back for the window, and I needed a large worktop. These were the two essentials!!
And I managed that!!
I am really pleased with the result, and even now, sitting in one end of my desk, I look right, and I see all the space still left on the desk, and I just think to myself
Sometimes Dreams do come true, and for the last year, I have been ticking so many boxes, that I truly feel like a very Lucky Lady
Anyway let’s show some pictures,









And the result


Love this long desk


25 squares full of goodies


Let’s not forget the sewing


And the books


And above all facing that window

Am I pleased?
That’s an understatement
I just Love it!!
It was hard work, it was, specially not feeling well, but the positive side, is I’m going away this week, to be with the people that mean most in my Life
So really apart from this infection, I can only say that Life is pretty Good
Take care of yourselves, and remember:
Dreams do come true!!



  1. The Craft Room is amazing and waiting for you! :)

    1. Thank You Lovely Ligia, I just can't wait to start working there, so many things to do, but now I have space. Thank You xxx

  2. It is absolutelly fantastic!!! Congratulations!

    Some day I will have one just like this :)

    1. Hello Naná, it took me a while, first because I just couldn't make my mind up, but now that it's done, I love it, and so peaceful too
      All I need now, is start creating :-)
      And I'm sure one day you'll have one too.Thank you for your comment xxxx