26 February 2012

And the weekend…

Was a very busy one, besides all the decorating going around the home, still had some time for more projects.
A sewing bag, on it’s way

Knitting bag 013

And also some cooking including this wonderful Walnut and Banana Bread

Knitting bag 016

Have a great week everybody, and make the most of every Special Moment


  1. I recognise that bag... and let me tell you, it's the prettiest crafts bag I ever saw :)
    And I could just jump onto that banana / walnut bread, I love banana bread and it's been a while since I've made it!
    Hope you're having a great week, dear. Mine has been a bit tiring...

  2. Hello Darling

    Yes I needed to do that bag once again, totally forgot the technique..... age I call it ;-)

    So far hasn't been a great week, went to the doctor yesterday, have tennis elbow, let me tell you it's just so painful.... but it will get better, have to by next week.

    Can't wait, and regarding the banana cake, you never know, might just be one here waiting for you ;-)

    Have a great week xxx