19 February 2012

Scrap Quilt III

It really is hard to believe.
With boxes of lovely fabric, fat quarters, half meters and meters….

Scrap Quilt 008
I seem to have so much pleasure, dedicating my time to this, scraps

Scrap Quilt 004
For me, this is a the real Patchwork from scraps to beautiful quilts
A lot of work, a lot of patience but for me a total pleasure
And @ £5.00 for that bag of scraps, I think that it was well worth it Winking smile
And they are coming along!!
Scrap Quilt II 003
Still haven’t got a clue, how the quilt will look like, but I am in no hurry, there’s still a long way to go.
Meanwhile, I will carry on, making the squares
Have a great week everybody xx


  1. I know how it will look... beautiful! :) a lot of work and absolutely gorgeous.
    Keep going, Carlita :)xxx

  2. Thank You my Dear, I hope so, when of a few projects going on at the moment. Class next week and really haven't done much about that work. I am sure there will be some telling off ;-)

    Never mind, then I have to seriously work hard on that work

    Have a great week Darling xxx

  3. amazing! os quadrados estao perfeitos! parabens. tenho uma pergunta a fazer-te. como colocas o nome "simply by Carla" na foto? boa semana!!

  4. Thank You xxx

    Linda tens o Windows Live Writer?

    Beijocas e Força xx