22 April 2012

Binding on it’s way

Well, it was getting really difficult to look at the few unfinished projects I had here, and yesterday as the house was being cleaned, and with a lot of flooring available to prepare that big quilt, was really the perfect time to do so.
So after a few hours, top, wadding, and back fabric sorted. Quilted and the binding nearly there.
I have to say that I am really please with the final result.
The back fabric gives the quilt, a  younger look, something I always look for on my quilts.
Here’s a taster, but the bigger picture waiting for a sunny day or the right mood

Jelly Roll Binding 005

Started on the next project and because fell totally in love with the back fabric of this quilt, using it in the next project too
And let me tell you it’s looking gorgeous too. Stay tuned
So almost all of my projects that have been started nearly sorted out, time for ideas for new ones
And ideas and projects are absolutely something that I never run out
All I need is time!!!!
Have a great week, and be happy Winking smile xxx


  1. O binding é mesmo algo que ainda tenho que aprender a fazer...
    Ficou tão bonito! Well done :)

  2. Olá Naná, diria que é uma das minhas partes favoritas o binding, visto que envolve coser á mao, eu prefiro o método de coser a parte de trás á mao acho que fica mais bonito, mas há quem faça á máquina, mais rápido.

    É fácil, é preciso é dar-lhe com o jeito, eu ainda olho para o meu primeiro quilt e penso, uiiii, mas conforme vou fazendo mais quilts ve-se a evolucao.

    Muito Obrigada pelo comentário